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The manufacturer has filled rolling bearings with lubricants.

1. Rollingbearing

A bearing with rolling motion between supporting loads and parts moving relative to each other. It includes parts with raceway and a rolling body group with or without isolation or guide parts. It can be used to withstand radial, axial or combined radial and axial loads.

2. Singlerowbearing

A rolling bearing having a row of rolling bodies.

3. Doublerowbearing doublerowbearing

A rolling bearing having two rows of rollers.

4. Multi-row bearing

For rolling bearings with more than two rows of rollers bearing the same load in the same direction, it is best to indicate the number of rows and type of bearing, such as "four rows of centripetal cylindrical roller bearings".

Full of fullimitation bearing

For a cage free bearing, the total clearance between each row of rolling body is less than the diameter of the rolling body and as small as possible to make the bearing have good performance.

6. Angularcontactbearing angularcontactbearing

Rolling bearings with nominal contact angles greater than 0° and less than 90°.

7. Self-aligning bearing

A raceway is spherical shape, can adapt to the two raceway axis line Angle deviation and angular motion bearings.

8. Separablebearing

Rolling bearings with detachable parts.

9. Non-separable bearing

After final assembly, bearing rings are not freely separated from rolling bearings.

Note: No abbreviations are specified for bearings with parts separated by different methods, such as ball bearings with double half rings (02, 01, 08).

10. British bearing inchbearing

Rolling bearings with dimensions and tolerances in imperial units as originally designed.

11. Openbearing

Rolling bearings without dustproof cover and sealing ring.

12. Seal bearing

Rolling bearings with sealing rings on one or both sides.

13. Dust cover bearing Shieldedbearing

Rolling bearings fitted with dust caps on one or both sides.

14. Closed type cappedbearing

Rolling bearings with one or two sealing rings, one or two dust caps and one sealing ring and one dust cap.

15. Prelubricatedbearing

The manufacturer has filled rolling bearings with lubricants.

16. The instrument precision bearing instrumentprecisionbearing

Special rolling bearings for instruments.

Rolling bearings that are matched into a pair or group.


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