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Rolling mill bearings are packed in wooden cases and cartons.

Due to the increasing number of counterfeit rolling mill bearings in the market, it is difficult for general customers to judge the authenticity of rolling mill bearings due to the lack of knowledge about bearings. Look at the packaging

Rolling mill bearings are divided into wooden case packing and carton packing. Large bearings are generally packed in wooden cases, while small bearings are mostly packed in cartons. The carton color is dark blue, and the type of rolling mill bearings printed above is very clear. And it is difficult to do this for the false rolling mill bearing, the box color is relatively light, and it is easy to fade, and the font of the rolling mill bearing type is relatively blurred.

Look at the appearance

The appearance of rolling mill bearings is generally very beautiful. Japanese products pay more attention to the appearance, which can be seen from the appearance of Toyota and Honda models. They are quite beautiful. The same is true of rolling mill bearings. The appearance is very beautiful. The most important thing is that the chamfering Angle of Japanese rolling mill bearings is relatively large, and the chamfering Angle of the hanging stage of rolling mill bearings is generally bright. Gently push the groove of the rolling mill bearing by hand is very lubricating without any blockage, feel is very good, generally counterfeit rolling mill bearing is also difficult to copy these fine places, especially the groove is difficult to compare with rolling mill bearing.

Listen to offer

One price one goods, want to buy rolling mill bearings at the price of domestic bearings to be a fake, the price of rolling mill bearings is much higher than the price of domestic bearings at the same time. 


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