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Check items and causes of damage in spherical bearing operations

Check items and causes of damage in spherical bearing operations

When the spherical bearing is disassembled and inspected after damage, the fault and damage reason of the bearing can be identified according to the damage condition of the bearing.

1. Metal falls off the surface of the raceway

The roller body of spherical bearing and the raceway surface of inner and outer rings are subjected to the effect of periodic pulsation load, and thus the touch stress with periodic change occurs. When the number of stress cycles reaches a certain value, fatigue shedding occurs on the working surface of the tumbling body or the inner and outer ring raceway. If the bearing load is too large, this fatigue will be aggravated. In addition, bearing device is not straight, shaft bending, will also occur raceway off phenomenon. The tired shedding of the bearing raceway will reduce the operating accuracy of the shaft, and make the mechanism oscillate and make noise.

2.. Bearing burn

The burned spherical bearing has a backfire color on its raceway and tumbling body. The causes of burns are generally lack of smoothness, the quality of smooth oil does not meet the requirements or metamorphosis, and the bearing device is too tight.

3. Plastic deformation

Uneven pits appear on the raceway and roller touch surface of spherical bearing, which indicates that the bearing has plastic deformation. The reason is that the local stress on the working surface of the bearing exceeds the yield limit of the data under a large static load or impact load effect, which generally occurs in low-speed rotating bearings.

4. Bearing seat ring crack

The reasons for cracks in the bearing seat ring may be that the bearing is too tight, the outer or inner ring of the spherical bearing is loose, the bearing containment is deformed, and the appearance of the bearing is poorly processed.

5. The cage is broken

The reason is lack of smooth, tumbling body broken, seat ring tilt and so on.

6. The metal of the cage is adhered to the tumbling body

The reason may be that the tumbling body is stuck in the cage or lack of smoothness.

7. Seat raceway is seriously worn

Perhaps there is a foreign body in the seat ring, a lack of smooth oil or an inappropriate brand of smooth oil.

The main factors that affect the damage of spherical bearings are load condition, smoothness condition, device condition, environment condition, raw material or manufacturing precision, etc.


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