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Selection of precision grade of tapered roller bearing

Selection of precision grade of tapered roller bearing

The main considerations are as follows:

1) Rotati ng accuracy requirements of machine functions on bearing components. The general selection is as follows:

●/PO: Used in the general mechanism with low rotation accuracy.

●/P6, /P5, P4: Used for high rotation precision or high speed of the mechanism.

●/P2: For high precision, high speed special precision parts.

2) Speed level: when the speed is high, because the rotating shaft or hole matched with the bearing may beat with the beating of the bearing, it is bound to cause unstable rotation, vibration and noise. Therefore, when the speed is high, bearings with high precision should be selected.

3) Selection of structure type: It belongs to the category of Mechanical Parts. The main force analysis of the shaft is carried out to determine the type of bearing (centripetal, thrust, thrust to the center) and the basic size of the bearing (inner diameter, outer diameter, bearing width).

4) Precision calculation of bearing fit: bearings are selected according to working conditions; The journal and bearing seat matched with the bearing need to carry out precision design: including the determination of the fit property, the determination of the shape and position tolerance, the determination of the surface roughness, etc. This part is addressed by interchangeability.


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