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Features and advantages

Features and advantages:

1, completely separated bearing (split bearing), installation does not need to move peripheral equipment or machinery.

2, installation cost, follow-up daily maintenance cost is low, convenient replacement, reduce downtime, improve maintenance efficiency: bearing operation can be checked at any time.

3. Compared with traditional double-row adjustable aligning bearings and plain bearings, HKT split bearings greatly reduce energy consumption.

4. Excellent sealing performance in harsh environment - various sealing solutions can be provided according to different working conditions. The sealing technology is proved to be safe and reliable in harsh environment.

5. Bearing can be automatically aligning: bearing box and bearing seat can rotate +/-2.5 degrees in any direction, so that bearings and seals are parallel to the shaft to ensure the maximization of bearing life.

6, low requirements for shaft processing (generally h7). All kinds of bearing housing: standard bearing housing can meet most of the requirements of the use of bearing housing material is divided into steel, gray iron, ductile iron, other forms of bearing housing. Such as flange, tie rod type, winding type and can be customized bearing.

Product interchangeability: Interchangeable with most bearing with seat (such as skffagTimken, etc.) and sliding bearing (Dodge).


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