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TIMKEN film chrome-coated bearing

Thin-film chrome-coated bearing and anti-wear bearing belong to TIMKEN's high performance bearing, they have their own special properties.

TIMKEN film chrome-coated bearing

TIMKEN film chrome-coated bearing is specially designed to improve bearing performance in harsh and corrosive environments. Thin-film chrome-coated bearings provide resistance to rust and erosion that is not found in standard bearings.

The coating of thin film chromium layer tightly plated bearing is also a special design, with a strictly controlled spherical structure, so the bearing surface has higher strength and hardness. Such a design can reduce the consumption of bearings, reduce the downtime of equipment, and reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and replacement parts.

Two, TIMKEN anti-wear bearings

TIMKEN anti-wear bearings are specifically designed for wind turbine applications to reduce wear problems that affect bearing life, including micro-pitting on spindle self-aligning roller bearings and micro-pitting, scratching and brittle spalling on wind turbine gearbox bearings. The L10 life of anti-wear bearings is 3.5 times longer than that of ordinary spindle and gearbox bearings.

TIMKEN wind power anti-wear bearings have the following characteristics

Using internally developed wear-resistant coatings and bearing materials, it can effectively resist abrasion, micro-pitting and fretting wear caused by adhesive wear mechanism.

Unique coating can form effective protection against adhesive wear during temporary lubrication and oil loss period;

The special design of the roller can eliminate the debris pit on the raceway and reduce the surface roughness of the raceway.

The roller polishes the raceway of the ferrule, reducing Ra (surface finish), increasing λ, reducing rolling torque and improving efficiency.


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