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The traditional clearance adjustment method of tapered roller bearings mainly adopts manual or professional equipment to measure the clearance or torque

Tapered roller bearings have been widely used in the industrial field because of their remarkable advantages in carrying composite loads (both radial and axial forces). Tapered roller bearing axial clearance is correct or not directly determines the operating life of the bearing, and the adjustment of the clearance is a precision, high technology content of the project, often need professional personnel and special equipment to implement, especially in the field of mass production, such as the auto industry, for each bearing system by artificial clearance adjustment will pay a heavy labor costs, and inefficient. If special equipment is used for clearance detection and adjustment, certain fixed asset investment and corresponding equipment maintenance costs are required. In this case, Timken uses Set-Right™ technology to preset the clearance of tapered roller bearings using the product tolerance control method, avoiding the adjustment process during assembly, greatly improving assembly efficiency, reducing customer production costs, and ensuring the accuracy of clearance adjustment.

Traditional tapered roller bearing clearance adjustment methods mainly use manual or professional equipment to measure the clearance or torque, a professional adjustment process can indeed achieve the same accuracy as set-right ™, but there are certain interference factors and restrictions. For example, when the clearance measurement method and torque measurement method are used to adjust the clearance, high requirements are required in measuring the accuracy of equipment, personnel skills, equipment structure design and calculation of the impact of rotating torque of non-bearing parts.


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