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The world bearing trade grew from scratch

With the changes of the international situation, the world bearing trade has grown from scratch and grown from small to large. Countries have experienced the ups and downs, exhausted all their skills and skills, and experienced many difficult changes.

In the first period, that is, the gestating stage of bearing international trade, bearing was born at the beginning, producers as treasure, reluctant to change hands with people; And the quantity is limited, and there are no excess deposits and loans available; The demand is not urgent, and the price is high, so it is prohibitive, so the bearing market only wiggly in the mother's womb, then called the harbinger of bearing trade, but is the very strict control, very confidential technology transfer (to establish joint ventures with technology shares). At best, it can only be said that the bearing international trade shady period, countries have not taken any strategy and tactics.

The second period, namely the growth period of bearing international trade, with the development of the world bearing industry, the unique role of bearing has been widely recognized, especially with the modernization of war means, all countries are in urgent need of bearings, anxious to establish bearing industry, as a result, a large number of bearing factories have appeared in various countries. In the international bearing trade, there are both spot trading, futures trading, and barter trade, both spot trading, and futures trading, and barter retention and easy, entrepot trade, etc. Especially in the Second World War, bearings have been prominently listed as strategic materials, axis and allied members do everything possible to get urgently needed varieties of bearings, but also to avoid encircling, secret transport, and even armed escort. However, measures were being taken to encourage and restrict imports only from the viewpoint of war, and there were no tariff barriers to protect domestic industries. Overall, the trade order at that time was chaotic, but the competition was not fierce, and the amount of international trade of bearings was also limited.

The third period, the world bearing industry has become a climate, as parts of the small bearing has an exclusive, considerable scale, not to be overlooked one side of the market, this is really the heyday of international bearing trade. On the one hand, a few multinational companies controlling 90% of the world market, such as SKF of Sweden, FAG and INA of Germany, TORRINGTON and TIMKEN of the United States, NSK, NTN, KOYO, MMB and NACHI of Japan, have advanced technology, complete means, large scale and strong strength. In particular, the bearing products of Japanese companies are of high quality and low price, with competitive advantages, and the production of a wide variety of high precision rare bearings, occupy the dominant position in the market, a large number of ordinary bearing products are dumped to foreign countries, especially in developing countries. On the other hand, accounting for only a few percent of the world market, many bearing enterprises in most countries of the world are backward in technology, insufficient means, small scale, low capacity, poor efficiency, poor material quality, poor precision performance, high precision thin bearing on the one hand will kill the domestic bearing industry, and can not afford financial resources. Therefore, some countries have taken protective trade measures to limit the import of long line bearings, and the most common way is to raise tariffs. On the one hand, the bearing market competition is intensified, on the other hand, trade friction is constantly, making the bearing international trade strategy of various countries has undergone a major change.


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