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Direct export of bearings laborious rather than pleasing

Since the beginning of the 1960s, the top ten bearing companies have begun to change from simple export of bearing products, equipment and technology to comprehensive export of bearing factories. In particular, The Japanese enterprises are more early. The main user of Japanese large mechanical and electrical enterprise is abroad, belong to typical export-oriented enterprise, Japan is small land, the market is small and pitiful, as a result, car factory, motorcycle factory, machine tool factory, electric machine factory, electric appliance factory moves to abroad one after another. Bearing, after all, is a part, is supporting the host, the main engine factory moved abroad, parts factory naturally to keep up, this is one of the causes; Second cause is the prompting the trade friction, direct export bearings do not please painfully, do more harm than good, cause a third, countries are eager to develop the economy, encourage attract foreign technology and capital into the domestic, have developed a series of preferential policies, factory production in these countries, can enjoy many benefits, but also popular, friction from nature; Cause four, the country that chooses to build a factory mostly manpower, land resource is sufficient, cheap, and the market is broad, build a factory on the spot, employ people on the spot, draw materials on the spot, produce and sell on the spot, it is a quick classics indeed. The fifth reason is that in recent years, the international financial market has been turbulent, and the exchange rate fluctuates. Setting up factories in foreign countries for production and sales can avoid exchange rate risks. According to statistics, the world's top ten bearing enterprises have set up a large number of production bases in various countries in the world, and some will also move the old domestic production line abroad, and transfer the domestic varieties not suitable for production to foreign production, which on the surface caused the country's internal emptiness, in fact, the country's economy has been benefited. Although only from the export figures, some companies have declined, but in fact some companies such as NSK, NTN and so on have 20~30% of the bearing production and sales abroad


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