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Anti-rust work of water - based cleaning agent

Anti-rust work of water - based cleaning agent

Because the price of kerosene cleaning agent is high, many bearing enterprises are trying water-based cleaning agent. However, due to the fish-mesh beads and uneven quality of water-based cleaning agent products on the market at present, it brings a lot of economic losses to some users, and also adds to the doubts of users to some extent.

In fact, the concern of bearing manufacturers is understandable. Because the most critical problem in the cleaning of water-based bearings is rust and crystallization. Compared with crystallization, the rust prevention of water - based cleaning agent is very important. We generally let the customer test the 4KG sample first, and let the user do the preliminary test with tap water at room temperature. If the sample test is successful, you can batch test the parts in the process. If the sample test is not successful, then the first to test the user's water sample, mainly to see whether the anionic content exceeds the standard, and then according to the user's water sample, increase or decrease the proportion of related products, because of the field application system, know to achieve user satisfaction. Generally speaking, the anti-rust effect of water-based cleaning agent between the processes should be guaranteed for at least three days without adding any anti-rust water (oil). Deionized water should only be used if the user's water quality is not usable. Therefore, it is irresponsible to let users use deionized water water-based cleaning agent manufacturers, at least in the cleaning process of bearing parts do not have to blindly emphasize the user's water quality. According to our analysis, most users have access to tap water, except for some groundwater users who have found some water quality problems.


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