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Whether rolling mill bearings can be judged is based on the degree of damage considered in various needs

Grinding burns and grinding cracks are not allowed in the bearing ring, especially on the cooperating surface of the inner ring to change the taper. After pickling, complete inspection should be carried out to remove the burn products. Those with severe burns that cannot be repaired or those that fail to be repaired should be scrapped. The rings with grinding burns are not allowed to enter the process of the device. After steel warehousing and before ring grinding, it is necessary to strictly manage each process, and strictly distinguish GCr15 and GCr15SiMn two different raw materials and products.

Rolling mill bearing whether can distinguish is according to various needs to consider the extent of the damage, and in the main consideration is the effect of damage, about the mechanical aspects of function, importance, the conditions of the device is needs to consider, to the next overhaul period and the role of the decision, but about the defect is not in use, is necessary to replace new bearing, On the inner ring, outer ring, tumbling body, cage on any one of the crack gap is to pay attention to, this is also in this respect to maintain a role. So there are tricks in the sense, and here are eight points to introduce the rules.

After bearing the load, the rolling bearing produces plastic deformation at the contact between the rolling body and the raceway. When the load is too heavy, plastic deformation pits will be formed on the surface of the raceway, so that the rolling mill bearings will produce hot oscillation and noise in the work.

Due to the relative movement of tumbling body and raceway and the invasion of dirt and dust, the surface of tumbling body and raceway is worn. When the wear is large, the bearing clearance, noise and oscillation increase, and the working accuracy of rolling mill bearings is reduced, so the precision of some main machines is directly affected. Therefore, for some precision machine bearings, wear can be used to limit the life of rolling mill bearings.


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