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Inspection after rolling mill bearing installation

Inspection after rolling mill bearing installation

When installing rolling mill bearings, the verticality of the shaft ring and the center line should be checked. The method is to fix the dial meter on the end face of the box shell, so that the top of the contact head of the table rotates the bearing above the raceway of the bearing shaft ring, while looking at the dial pointer, if the pointer is skewed, clarify that the shaft ring and the center line of the shaft are not vertical. When the hole of the shell is deep, the lengthened meter head can also be used for inspection. When the thrust bearing device is correct, the seat ring can automatically comply with the rolling body to ensure that the rolling body is located in the upper and lower ring raceway. If the installation is reversed, not only the bearing will not work properly, but also the mating surface will be seriously worn. Because the shaft ring and seat ring and the difference is not very obvious, assembly should be extra careful, do not make mistakes. In addition, there should be a gap of 0.2-0.5mm between the seat of the rolling mill bearing and the hole of the bearing seat to compensate the errors caused by the inaccurate processing of parts and devices. When the center of the bearing ring is offset in operation, this gap can ensure its automatic adjustment, prevent contact friction, and make it run normally. Otherwise, the bearing will be caused by violent damage.


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