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Bearing disassembly should be carried out as carefully as installation

Bearing disassembly should be carried out as carefully as installation, and attention should be paid to not damaging bearings and various parts, especially the disassembly of interference fit bearings, which is difficult to operate. Whether the bearing is installed or not will also affect the accuracy, life and performance of the bearing. Therefore, the installation and dismantling of bearings should pay attention to the following matters.

(1) The resultant force of the application passes through the axis of the bearing as far as possible, which requires the application point to be uniform and symmetrical and smooth, and the force is applied through the sphere or parallel to the axis.

(2) The size of the force should be smooth and even, and should not have impact, which requires the use of oil pressure or tools that can exert smooth tension or pressure. When it is necessary to use hammering, it should also be buffered by copper sleeve and other soft and non-falling metal, and the knocking force should be as light and slow as possible. It is best to use a copper rod or hammer for hammering.

(3) Avoid applying force through the rolling body, which requires the inner ring (shaft ring) to be applied through the inner ring, and the outer ring to be applied through the outer ring.

(4) Drag force to continue to the due extent, such as when installing bearings to stop the force when the bearing is just installed to the correct position, to ensure that the end face of the ring (washer) against the seat hole or shaft shoulder end face, neither can be squeezed too tight, and can not be installed in place.


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