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Bearing lubricating oil in the selection of what performance requirements

Spindle bearing grease is a special lubricating oil for the spindle bearing of precision machine tools and similar equipment. It plays a very important role in ensuring the working accuracy and performance of the spindle and extending its service life, also known as bearing oil. So what are the performance requirements of bearing lubricating oil in the selection?

1. Good lubricity

In order to keep a uniform oil film between the spindle and the bearing contact surface, and the oil film will not be destroyed when the spindle starts or stops moving to produce impact load, maintain good lubrication performance, plays a role in reducing friction and friction heat, reducing the temperature rise of the spindle, and ensuring processing accuracy, the oil products are required to have good lubrication.

2, good rust resistance

Because the oil in the spindle lubrication system in the process of work will inevitably be mixed with condensed water in the air or machine tool coolant, so the oil is required to have good rust resistance, especially in the hot and humid climate in the south, especially pay attention to its rust resistance.

3, good oxidation resistance

When the main sleeve of machine tool is used in circulation lubrication, the spindle bearing oil is required to be used for a long time, and the oil path and bearing gap are not blocked due to the generation of swimming mud, and the corrosion effect is reduced. Therefore, the oil products are required to have good oxidation stability, and the oxidation stability index of our industry standard requires oil products is 1000h(GB/T, 12581).

4, suitable strength and good temperature characteristics

In order to use the main uranium temperature of the machine tool will not be too high and make the machine tool thermal deformation, affect the processing accuracy or make the bearing poor lubrication, should be based on the spindle bearing structure, speed and bearing clearance of the appropriate maturity of the lubricating oil well requirements have good Han temperature characteristics, to prevent because of the spindle working temperature and environmental temperature change, the temperature change is too large and affect the lubrication performance.


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