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Common problem
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After cutting the outer ring of the bearing

After cutting the outer ring of the bearing, it is found that there are obvious discoloration contact tracks at the bottom of the outer ring raceway, and the tracks have become rough, as shown in Figure 3; The inner ring raceway continues to peel off along the whole circumference along the groove bottom, and the contact track slightly deviates to the channel on one side of the non typing end, showing a slight climbing feature. As shown in Figure 4, the cracked pocket near the fracture has been obviously worn and thinned and flash. As shown in Figure 5, remove the rivets and separate the two retaining frames. It can be seen that the inner surface of some cage pocket holes becomes bright by friction with the steel ball, The inner surface of the cracked pocket is more obvious, as shown in Fig. 6 and Fig. 7; The surface of the steel ball is complete with varying degrees of high-temperature discoloration, but it still has metallic luster. There is no abnormality in the appearance of the steel ball where the cracked pocket is located.


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