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Failure analysis of seal damage of main bearing of shield machine

The lubricating oil of the main bearing of the shield machine is polluted by grease, which means the failure of the sealing system. In serious cases, it may lead to mud and muck entering the main bearing lubrication system, resulting in lubrication failure, and eventually lead to abnormal wear of the main bearing, resulting in immeasurable losses to the shield construction. Therefore, determining whether the main bearing seal fails and the degree of failure will determine the engineer's formulation of the main bearing maintenance scheme and have a decisive impact on the subsequent whole maintenance cycle, cost and impact. The customer immediately sent four samples of new oil, fault oil, main bearing EP2 sealing grease and main bearing HBW sealing grease of the main bearing lubrication system for testing, and entrusted Guangyan testing to test the samples to evaluate the damage degree of the main bearing seal of the shield machine.


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