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Common problem
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See the bearing directly

Intuitive look at the bearing, you can first look at its finish (or roughness), good quality will know at a glance, do not need to say more. Further look, you can take the bearing in the hand, the force of a turn, see if it is very smooth and natural rotation, no noise.

The general use of NSK 6XXXX series bearings, is really very easy to use, is more than twice the price of domestic expensive. But it has a high life, compared with most domestic bearings, one can be used for two. So it's a good price.

There are also bearings in Singapore, the quality between NSK and domestic. The price is unknown. But the bearing bears the name of Singapore.

I have used the domestic bearings made in Harbin, so it is cheaper to buy them. The quality is good. But with a long time the dryness is some big, need lubrication, otherwise should rust.


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