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Linear bearings are used in conjunction with hardened linear drive shafts

Linear bearings are used in conjunction with hardened linear drive shafts. A system of infinite linear motion. Load ball and quenched transmission shaft because of point contact, the allowable load is small, but linear motion, friction resistance is the least, high precision, fast movement. Edit this paragraph classification (1) the standard linear bearing, gather linear bearing clearance, open rack linear bearings, linear bearings, linear bearings (2) the commonality lengthened flange linear bearing can be divided into: round flange type, method type, elliptical flange type, guided round flange, guiding method, guide the elliptical flange type, extended round flange type. According to the specification system [1] : linear bearings are divided into two series, namely LM and LME series. Its code name LM series for Asia, Southeast Asian countries, Japan, South Korea, China and so on. The outer diameter tolerance of linear spool is generally H7 for the metric size. LME series are mainly used in Europe, America, Germany, Italy and other regions. Inch sizes are standard, but metric sizes are also available, and the linear spool diameter tolerance is generally G6. Two series of structural characteristics, in addition to the size of different, aperture tolerance is different, its structure is roughly the same. LM 203242 UU OP LM 203242 UU OP LM 203242 UU OP LM LME 203245 UU AJ LME means straight line second series standard 203245 means size structure aperture outside diameter length UU means double seal structure AJ means clearance adjustable 2: Flange type (end or middle installation flange, can be installed with screws, flange is generally divided into circular, square and cut edge type three) 3: Open type (shape such as straight tube, appearance has axial slit, used for occasions requiring clearance adjustment, divided into two kinds of large opening and small opening) according to performance: 1: ordinary type (general performance requirements) 2: super type (long life and large load performance requirements)


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