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Common problem
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The operating environment of bearings

The use of bearing environment: according to the use of parts and conditions and environmental conditions to select specifications, size, accuracy, with appropriate bearing is to ensure the bearing life and reliability of the premise.

1, the use of parts: tapered roller bearings are suitable for bearing radial load based on radial and axial combined load, usually with two sets of bearings paired use, mainly should be in the car before and after the hub, active bevel gear, differential, reducer and other transmission parts.

2, allowed speed: in the correct installation, good lubrication environment, allowed for the bearing limit speed of 0.3-0.5 times. Under normal circumstances, 0.2 times the limit speed is the most appropriate.

3. Allowable inclination Angle: Tapered roller bearings generally do not allow the shaft to be tilted relative to the shell hole, if there is a tilt, the maximum is not more than 2 '.

4, allowable temperature: under the condition of normal load, and the lubricant has high temperature resistance, and sufficient lubrication, the general bearing is allowed to work at the ambient temperature of -30℃-150℃.


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