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Automobile front wheel bearings are usually double row ball bearings

In the process of maintenance, it is often found that some cars have a large driving noise, check the tire without abnormal wear, and turn the wheel on the lifting machine without obvious abnormal sound. This phenomenon is often caused by the abnormal damage of the hub inlet bearing, the so-called abnormal refers to the bearing damage caused by installation reasons.

Car front wheel bearings are generally double row ball bearings. When installing imported bearings, if you use a hammer to install them, or install them by pressing the inner ring of the bearing when installing them into the bearing seat, it will cause damage to one side of the bearing raceway. Noise is generated when the vehicle is moving, and when the wheel is off the ground, there is a better side of the raceway, so no obvious noise can be heard. Correct installation operation is the key to the long life of bearings.


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