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Common problem
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Most of them have been troubled by true or false bearings

In the sales and procurement process of bearings, most of them have been troubled by real and fake bearings. As users of bearings, they spend real money and buy fake bearings. As a distributor, a transaction error, may be on the back of the charge of selling fake goods, so how to avoid the trouble of fake goods which? Talk about a bit view of the individual below, discuss for everybody.

Fake, of course, is relative to the real goods, the so-called real goods is genuine goods, generally speaking is brand goods. These goods are generally cost-effective, customers are willing to accept, or the lack of goods on the market, the delivery period is longer, more difficult goods, these goods are generally fakes willing to patronize the object. Fake goods is to use non-brand goods to pretend to be brand goods, in exchange for the biggest interests, to damage the interests of consumers as a direct cost. So buy fake units and individuals are generally very hate fake, of course, deliberately with fake except.

We can often see some in the BBS or consulting system how to identify the brand bearing such as authenticity, you are also very eager to explore, mostly from the technical level, it is based on the product itself more understand terms, the premise is that bearing products out there, next to know very well of bearing products. In this way, it can be authenticated. There are authenticated components.

Speaking of which, to tell you a practical example, once, in response to the requirements of a power plant, to identify the authenticity of a SKF/22226E bearing. When I got to the scene,

Three major flaws were found:

1. The color and paper of the outer packing carton are obviously different from the standard SKF carton;

2. The place of origin of the outer packing is made many;

3. Open the box and look at the bearing. The processing process of the outer surface is completely different from SKF, and the printed mark form is also different...

Only from this point of view, can be judged as fake on the spot, but we can not say so, because the relationship here is very complex, we are one of the suppliers...

This example tells us that only by mastering the absolute understanding and understanding of the product can we identify the authenticity of specific brands and specific bearings. Note that this is only the authenticity of specific bearings.

If did not have this understanding and understanding, that distinguish rise more difficult, also be the problem that a lot of user and operator are more confused. You think, there are too many famous international and domestic brands, who can understand each brand, each type of product and know so much, I'm afraid there won't be much, so the difficulty is here.

But we know, how many distribution process, is in the first look at the goods, after the transaction of the case which! ? It is generally only possible to do so in the case of the first transaction and doubts about the product itself, and the possibility of being on site. Most of them are traded without seeing people or goods, which leads to the risk of fake goods. How to avoid this risk is the question I want to discuss with you.

In my opinion, the fundamental way to avoid the risk of fake goods is to "watch people"!

Summary can be understood as: people are, road is, goods are; People are not right, the road is not right, goods can not be right.

No matter be the product of manufacturer, still be the product of agency, or say the product of an individual operator, it is to decide destiny by operator, operator is giving product price while, actually the destiny of product itself has been determined. It can never be false when the operator makes it true, and it can never be true when the operator makes it false.

An operator may produce and manage a lot of products, it is difficult to know all of his products, but it is relatively easy to understand and know a person, I think it is not necessary for me to say it specifically, we may be stronger than I know people's ability! That is to say, if you feel that the person is good, the products he runs should be right. If you feel that the person has some quality problems, the products he runs may have problems. It is better to avoid contact or contact less, so that bad products or fake products may be far away from you. Do a good job, it is possible to do good, I have been so think, also has been such a request of their own, efforts to be serious, steadfast to do their own thing. Encourage with everyone.


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