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The use factors of tapered roller bearings mainly refer to whether installation and adjustment, use and maintenance, maintenance and repair meet the technical requirements

The use factors of tapered roller bearings mainly refer to whether installation and adjustment, use and maintenance, maintenance and repair meet the technical requirements. According to the technical requirements of bearing installation, use, maintenance and maintenance, monitor and check the load, speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions of bearings in operation, find out the cause immediately if any abnormality is found, adjust and make it return to normal. Installation conditions are one of the primary factors in the use of factors, bearings often due to improper installation and lead to changes in the stress state between the whole set of bearing parts, bearing in the abnormal state of operation and early end of the service life of the internal factors mainly refer to the structure design, manufacturing process and material quality of the three factors that determine the quality of tapered roller bearing.

1. Improper operation of bearings.

Cause: Improper installation, operation or disassembly may cause cage deformation or defect

Suggestion: Use proper operation, installation, and removal tools

2. Insufficient lubrication

Reason: Insufficient or improper lubrication may lead to element abrasion or serious tapered roller bearing deformation

Suggestion: Improve the lubrication system and replace the lubricant properly and regularly

3. Rust and corrosion

Reason: Contact with water may lead to corrosion and rust of water pump shaft bearing element. The tapered roller bearing damaged by rust may lead to spalling when working

Suggestion: Check the seal regularly to ensure good sealing effect and store imported bearings correctly

Step 4: Current

Cause: The current during rotation may cause grooves or nicks. When tapered roller bearings are stationary, improper grounding of electrical operation will lead to minor burns

Recommendation: Reduce or avoid current passing through bearings by proper grounding connections before welding parts other than bearings

5. External materials

Cause: abrasive particle pollution and debris intrusion may lead to wear, abrasion and depression of imported bearing working face

Suggestion: Remove intrusive particles and debris, replace lubricant, and check sealing system

Step 6 Play favorites

Cause: Eccentricity, tilt, or excessive load may lead to geometric stress concentration or surface spalling

Suggestion: precise machining of imported bearing seat and shoulder

After the installation of tapered roller bearings, in order to check whether the installation is correct, operation inspection should be carried out. Small machines can be turned by hand to see if they are spinning smoothly. Check items are due to foreign bodies, scars, indentation caused by poor operation, due to poor installation, installation seat processing caused by unstable torque, due to too small clearance, installation error, sealing friction caused by excessive torque and so on. If there is no abnormality, power operation can be started.


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