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Deep groove ball bearing common four materials analysis

Deep groove ball bearing common four materials analysis

1. Materials of rings and balls: Rings and balls are usually made of high carbon chromium bearing steel. Most deep groove ball bearings use SUJ2 steel of JIS steel, which is the domestic chromium steel (GCr15). The chemical composition of SUJ2 has been used as standardized bearing materials in countries all over the world. For example,

It is the same steel species as AISL52100 (USA), DIN100Cr6 (West Germany), BS535A99 (UK). In addition to the above steel types, high speed steel with excellent heat resistance and stainless steel with good corrosion resistance will also be used as bearing materials according to the specific uses.

2. Cage material: The material of stamping cage is made of low carbon steel. Depending on the application, brass plates and stainless steel plates can also be used. Iron cages will be made of high strength brass, carbon steel, and synthetic resins.

3, dust cover and sealing ring: dust cover to carbon steel as standard, if necessary, can also choose AISI-300 stainless steel. Different types of sealing materials can be used to achieve high temperature operation and grease compatibility. Fluorocarbon, silicone and PTFE seals are usually used at high temperatures.

4. Lubricant: Bearings with dust caps and seals are injected with standard grease. Different lubricants can be used according to actual requirements, and standard lubricants can be used for open deep groove ball bearings.


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