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The use of bearings is also very extensive

Bearing is a common part of mechanical equipment, is also an important part, the use of bearings is also very extensive. In order to make more money, there are a lot of dishonest businesses, to fill the old, recycle some used or not used old bearings after treatment as new bearings to buy, this kind of refurbished bearings and good bearings are still very different, the use performance is not as good as the good bearings, according to the understanding of bearing knowledge, Today to share with you how to identify whether the bearing is the old bearing after renovation.

1. Refurbished bearings are generally due to the limited technology and equipment of small bearing manufacturers, so the bearing accuracy is low, the bearing surface is rough, the chamfer size is uneven, and some still have black skin and pitting.

2, some poor bearing materials for ordinary steel, carbon steel, malleable steel and iron pipe, and the appearance of these materials color is mostly white, special bearing steel color is green, but the light color can not be completely determined to do hardness, low hardness of ordinary steel.

3. Some small manufacturers have simple fire technology, uneven heating of bearings, and slight deformation.

4. Rotate the bearing to see whether the bearing rotates evenly and whether the sound is continuous without noise.

5. Look at the cage, the regular manufacturer bearing cage is structured without burr, the riveted bearing cage rivet pier size is the same, and the irregular manufacturer processing technology and equipment is simple, so the cage is rough, some riveted structure cage equal division and or partial, rivet pier size is different or partial.

6, look at the packaging, the regular manufacturer packaging is consistent, the font on the packaging is clear, some counterfeit bearing packaging is inconsistent, or simple and irregular.

7, look at the bearing face font, the original bearing whether steel word or laser font are very clear and uniform, laser font has a certain depth, counterfeit bearing font has broken marks, laser font with gauze gently rub no laser font, and regular laser font with gauze after a wipe will leave fuzzy font traces.

8, look at the certificate, the regular manufacturer bearing has a certificate and the size of the certificate is consistent, most certificate paper for greaseproof paper. Font clear, some manufacturers have query information on the certificate, counterfeit certificate, font some fuzzy, paper for ordinary paper, certificate size is different.


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