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Some factors of limit speed of rolling bearing

Some factors of the limit speed of rolling bearing:

1. Lubrication mode: Bearings with oil and gas or oil mist lubrication can supply trace amounts of new lubricating oil to bearings continuously, effectively ensuring the thickness of bearing lubricating oil film. And jet lubrication, due to a large amount of oil supply, can quickly take away the heat generated by bearing operation and improve the limit speed of bearing.

2. Bearing load: The ultimate speed of rolling bearing is the highest speed reached under certain load and lubrication conditions, which has a great relationship with bearing type, size, direction, lubrication mode, clearance, cage structure, cooling conditions, load (size, type, direction) and so on. The limit speed of deep groove ball bearing can be improved by improving bearing accuracy and adjusting bearing clearance properly.

3. Preloading force: If the preloading force is too large when the bearing is installed, the contact stress between the rolling body and the raceway surface will increase when the bearing is running, and the heat will also increase, which will lead to the further increase of the preloading force inside the bearing, so that the bearing is easier to wear and reduce the limit speed.

4. Driving mode: The limit speed of the bearing will change with the different driving modes of the spindle. For example, when the motorized spindle is used to drive, the internal heat of the spindle will be large. When the outer cylinder is cooled, due to the different tolerance fit of the bearing seat, the thermal expansion amount of the bearing and the bearing seat is different, the outer ring fit changes from clearance fit to interference fit, and the increase of the internal preload leads to the change of the limit speed.

5. The size of bearing clearance: When the clearance of the bearing after installation is a tiny negative value, the rated life is the longest, and the bearing capacity and ultimate speed are also the highest. However, because the actual clearance has to be subtracted from the deformation caused by the interference and temperature difference, the tiny negative clearance is difficult to control, and once the clearance is too negative, the rated life will be significantly reduced. At present, the positive clearance close to 0 is generally selected.

6, bearing combination: bearing combination, due to a large amount of oil supply, can quickly take away the heat generated by the bearing, the limit speed can be further improved.


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