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It is very important to keep bearings and lubrication clean

Mechanical parts play a vital role in the use of machinery, so we must carry out regular maintenance and maintenance, in order to improve the performance of mechanical equipment, prolong the service life of mechanical parts, when the machine stops, the mechanical parts need to carry out correlation detection, in order to ensure the safe use of parts.

1. It is very important to keep bearings and lubrication clean.

The surface of the machine should be cleaned before inspection, and then the parts around the bearing should be removed. Oil seal is a very fragile part, so it is necessary to carefully disassemble, do not excessive force, and then carefully check the oil seal and surrounding parts, if there are bad symptoms, be sure to replace, bad oil seal will lead to bearing damage and severe equipment shutdown.

2. Check the lubricant

Rub with a little lubricant between the two fingers, if there is a pollutant, you can feel it, or apply a thin layer of lubricant on the back of the hand, and then seal the light check.

3. Replace the lubricant

After the oil lubricated bearings are drained of old oil, fresh oil is poured in, if possible, and the machine is allowed to rotate at a low speed for a few minutes. As far as possible, the oil collects residual pollutants, and then the oil is removed. The oil is best filtered before use.

Grease lubricated bearings used in the replacement of grease should avoid any part of the bearing with cotton material Angle, because these residual fibers may wedge between the rolling parts and cause damage, especially the application of small bearings should pay more attention to this problem.

4. Cover exposed bearings

When inspecting bearings, do not expose bearings to pollutants or moisture. If the work is interrupted, the machine should be covered with oiled plastic film or similar material.


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