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    Linqing Feite Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional bearing production and trading enterprise located in the North China Plain. It mainly produces clutch bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, rolling mill bearings, deep groove ball bearings, and angular contact bearings. Ball bearings, outer spherical bearings, joint bearings and other bearings, the company provides OEM services, non-standard customized solutions and a full range of bearing products based on its professional knowledge of bearings and foreign trade. It can provide customers with drawings and samples according to the drawings and samples provided by the customers.
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    • The mechanical engine bearing market is expected to g…

      In developed countries, high standards of living and rising disposable incomes have enabled consumers to buy machinery, making all after-market products available for machinery. In addition, the growth of the machinery market is ex…[See details]

    • The development of the bearing industry has increased…

      With the improvement of product quality, the demand for brand bearing products is becoming more and more obvious. Because the majority of users have more clear requirements for the reliability and stability of bearings, and the imp…[See details]

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      Rolling bearing is one of the key components that determine the health status and life of machinery. The research on the life and health status of bearing has many influencing factors, large life dispersion, time-consuming test, di…[See details]

    • Deep groove ball bearing cage material

      Deep groove ball bearing cage materialCage materials mainly include stamping steel, machined steel, stamping brass, machined brass, polymeric materials and so on.The stamped steel cage has high strength and can reduce friction and …[See details]

    • Deep groove ball bearing main role

      Deep groove ball bearing main role1. Keep proper distance between the rolling bodies to prevent the rolling bodies from contacting each other to reduce friction;2. Make the rolling body evenly distributed, so that the load evenly d…[See details]

    • Positioning of bearing outer ring

      Positioning of bearing outer ringWhen the outer ring of deep groove ball bearing is installed in the shell hole, the inner side of the outer shell hole generally has a fixed bearing position for the shoulder, and the other side is …[See details]