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    Linqing Feite Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional bearing production and trading enterprise located in the North China Plain. It mainly produces clutch bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, rolling mill bearings, deep groove ball bearings, and angular contact bearings. Ball bearings, outer spherical bearings, joint bearings and other bearings, the company provides OEM services, non-standard customized solutions and a full range of bearing products based on its professional knowledge of bearings and foreign trade. It can provide customers with drawings and samples according to the drawings and samples provided by the customers.
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    • What are the main factors affecting metal corrosion

      被防锈物的表面预处理方法: 1)表面清洁:清洗必须依被防锈物表面的性质和当时的条件,选定适当的方法。一般常用的有溶剂清洗法、化学处理清洁法和机械清洁法。 2)表面干燥清洗干净后可用过滤的干燥压缩空气吹干,或者用120~170℃的干燥器进…[See details]

    • Bearings should be cleaned with gasoline or kero…

      NSK bearing installation must be carried out under the premise of dry and clean environment. Before installation, carefully check the machining quality of the mating surface of shaft and shell, the end face of convex shoulder, groo…[See details]

    • Bearings with reinforced nylon cages

      First of all, the spindle spindle bearing in the operation, to fully ensure lubrication, and according to the actual use of the regular lubricating oil, not for a long time. Therefore, for user enterprises, better and more suitable…[See details]

    • The support bearing is specially developed for multi-…

      Support bearings are specially developed for multi-roll cold mills, but can also be used in other applications, such as roller straighteners or bending machines. Support bearings are roller bearings with exceptionally thick outer r…[See details]

    • At present, medium frequency induction quenching is g…

      Ball screw pair is a mechanical component composed of screw, nut, ball and other parts. It will rotate motion, into linear motion, or linear motion into rotary motion, with high transmission efficiency, high positioning accuracy, t…[See details]

    • A ring and a rolling body of a rolling bearing

      The ring and rolling body of rolling bearings repeatedly bear high contact pressure on one side, and carry out rolling contact accompanied by sliding on the other side. One side of the retainer is in sliding contact with the two si…[See details]